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Wear the Colors of the Moon with Moonstone

Wear the Colors of the Moon with Moonstone

A member of the Feldspar Orthoclase family, the Moonstone is a semi-precious gem that occurs in nature in a limited quantity. The stone is so named because of its magical shimmer resembling the moon, and it exhibits a phenomenon called adularescence as there is a whitish blue light that seems to hover over the stone's core. The stone is found in a range of colors like white or opaque blue. 

Moonstone jewelry looks simple yet elegant. I have designed a beautiful selection of moonstone jewelry in copper, which customers can find in my shop. From classic earrings to dazzling bracelets and rings, shop for the most beautiful jewelry at the best prices.

The stunning Moonstone comes from the mines in Sri Lanka, the United States, Tanzania, Mexico, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, and India. Moonstone is a gemstone that inspires mystique and a sense of magic.

In India and other cultures, this is a stone thought to be holy and have divine powers. Moonstone is used as a dream stone in India, which allows the wearer to have beautiful dreams at night. They are sewn into garments by women in the Middle East because they believe that it enhances fertility.

 Moonstone Tea Light Holder - Copper Bug Jewelry

Moonstone enhances emotional and subconscious ability, and it is said to be a lover's stone, which brings about feelings of happiness and tenderness between couples. When you wear Moonstone, you will have better intuition and inner understanding.

Moonstone's steamy shade and its semi-transparent color make a fascinating match with pearls and other solid gems, such as Aquamarine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and others.

The best way to clean moonstones is to use warm and soapy water and rub using a soft cloth or brush. Sudden changes in temperature or excessive heat may make the moonstone crack just like glass would; this means that you should not use steam cleaners on this gemstone. One should also not use ultrasonic cleaners to clean this gemstone. The stone's crystal habit has a cleavage that runs in two directions, and this means that in jewelry, they should be set in a way that keeps the stone away from direct knocks.


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