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Grounding Sets - Black Tourmaline - Red Garnet - Smokey Quartz - Obsidian Bracelet - Grounding Incense

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I have put together a handful of Root Chakra/Grounding stone tumble healing sets. Your Root Chakra is the base Chakra and it is the root of all of our fears. It has its hands in everything that makes us feel secure: shelter, food, water, and money which in our society affects all of these things.

Grounding stones are important because they bring us out of our heads and back into the real world. They help us bring the anxiety down and remind us that we are here touching our home the Earth.

These stones all help with these fears and keep us grounded in the present. They are good ones to have handy.

And don't forget some Selenite to keep your stone collection charged! You can find Selenite here.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or for more pictures or anything!

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