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Citrine attracts abundance. The Citrine crystal stone is a yellow-colored form of transparent quartz. Citrine is quartz with iron content and is heated either in the Earth naturally or treated with heat by humans once the stones are pulled from the Earth. You can find Citrine in a variety of tints, transparencies, crystal habits, and forms that can be incorporated into jewelry and decorate your home.


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Heat Treated Citrine Stone Chip Stretch Bracelets - Intuitively Chosen Bracelet Copper Bug Jewelry
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My order was shipped very quickly and showed up days before it’s estimated time of arrival. The products and the purchase process were both great. I’m sure I will be a return customer soon.
Danielle V
Item was as described/pictured. Very positive experience. Super fast shipping and packaged safely. I will shop again ❤️
Elizabeth D
Everything arrived quickly, as described, and the seller even tossed in an extra stone for free! Love it and if this seller has anything else I like for sale, I will be sure to buy it.
Maren M