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6 Best Crystals for Intention Setting this Capricorn Season

The winter equinox marks the start of the clear-headed energy of Capricorn season – the final season of the calendar year. This is a time of year filled with warmth, family, and beloved customs for many people.

Reflection is also a part of the New Year season–it's an opportunity to review your achievements in the past year, mark your successes and failures, and set new goals for the upcoming year. After the free-spirited and carefree Sagittarius season, Capricorn requires us to be grounded (after all, it is an earth element sign) and become more serious.

Maybe it's time to reflect on your accomplishments this year. Perhaps this is a perfect time to make plans for the upcoming year. Fortunately, if you need tools to support your ventures and don't know where to look, you've come to the right place! This Capricorn season—and all Capricorn seasons going forward—try using this simple list of crystals for intention setting.

Green Aventurine

Though Capricorn energy is known for its logical decision-making and influence to clinging to the familiar, it can be worthwhile to trust our intuition and take a gamble occasionally since we could miss out on valuable opportunities if we don't. Finding a healthy balance between these two polarities can help us thrive during this time.

We might experience life beyond our wildest dreams by taking a leap of faith! Green Aventurine earned the title of Gambler's Stone for this reason, and this is why it is the perfect stone to use to set intentions during Capricorn season.

Using this stone, we can relax and restore our energy levels as the vital grounding energies it possesses bring equilibrium to our body and mind. When we're ready, we can free ourselves from any restraints keeping us from living our best life.

Black Obsidian

During Capricorn season, we all need to be extra careful not to become perfectionists who only see the mistakes in others instead of their good qualities.

The Capricorn zodiac sign's ruling planet is Saturn, the planet of discipline and authority, which can profoundly affect all of us with its gloomy and restrictive energies.

Saturn's energies can lead to feeling down, making Black Obsidian a great gemstone to rely on during Capricorn Season.

Black Obsidian can help heal deep-seated emotional blockages that may have caused us to have negative feelings such as bitterness, blame, or resentment. It is an excellent stone that reminds us that human values such as empathy, kindness, and compassion should outweigh our responsibilities and power.


Due to their logical disposition, those influenced by Capricorn tend to prioritize material needs and objectives over ideas or dreams.

Garnet has an uplifting energy that inspires optimism, faith, and hope which contrasts significantly with the usually logic-driven energy of Capricorn. Therefore, it is a suitable crystal to use to enchant the dark winter months when the sun is in Capricorn.

Garnet helps to maintain a healthy balance of hope while still recognizing realism and rationality. Thus, while it encourages the pursuit of new goals and dreams, it does so without overly straining oneself, making it the ideal accompaniment to the realistic and thoughtful attitudes of Capricorn season.

Garnet is even the traditional birthstone of Capricorn sun signs born during January - all the more reason to use it during this time!


The moonstone is known for its ability to promote spiritual growth. This is great for amplifying the feminine energy inside Capricorns and any other individual. Moonstone promotes qualities like gracefulness, elegance, comfort, and tranquility.

Working with moonstone encourages the start of something new. As previously mentioned, the energy of Capricorn is not best suited for creating new things and experiences.

If you're striving to have fresh experiences, moonstone is an excellent stone to help push you through the times when you feel stuck in the mud and stagnant during this season.


The energy of Capricorn encourages us to be more reflective and think deeply.

During Capricorn season, howlite is an ideal crystal to use as it can help relieve stress and reduce worry. Cultivating patience and understanding can also be beneficial to Capricorns.

Howlite is a wonderful choice for bringing your intentions to life during Capricorn season. Its calming energy pushes people to look deeper into their feelings and understand why they act in specific ways, helping them gain better control over themselves.

Smokey Quartz

Lastly, smoky quartz can help to further ground you during the earth energy of Capricorn season. Although Capricorn is typically known to be a grounded and stable sign, it's important to make adjustments to restore equilibrium in your life when you find yourself feeling out of balance due to the influence of these energies.

Smoky quartz is an excellent stone for clearing negative energy, removing self-doubt from failure, and giving the confidence to forge ahead with aspirations. Therefore, if that's your goal, smoky quartz is the ideal crystal to help you stay motivated and balanced during Capricorn season.

Ultimately, garnet, moonstone, howlite, and smoky quartz are strong crystals to utilize during the Capricorn season. Each of these stones possesses individual energy that can help you stay balanced, driven, and achieve your goals this season.

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