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Copper plated custom made jewelry

Handmade Copper & Crystal Jewelry Designs

Find one-of-a-kind hand-crafted copper pieces as unique and special as you are.

Jewelry that makes a statement

I am strong

Strength comes from within. Let your outsides match the insides with a one-of-a-kind statement piece that will help you face your fears.

Stones that make a statement

I am abundant

Abundance is your birthright. While any crystal will help bring abundance into your life – the key is to find the one suitable for you.

Jewelry that makes a statement

I am grounded

Be present. Bring your mind back into your body, claim the physical space you take up as your own.

Find a collection of grounding crystals and stones to help connect with your body once again.

Jewelry that makes a statement

I am loved

"When our heart is open
Everything we do becomes love."
- Mimi Novic -

Jewelry that makes a statement

I am free

Animals hold a special place in the human heart. What do animals teach you?

Find animal medicine offering pieces here, commune with the animals, and claim your freedom.

Crystalline allies that make a statement

I am healing

Crystals can be powerful aids on one's healing journey. Find a collection of crystal pals to assist you along your journey of self discovery and love.

Thank you for being here.

Shop crystals & unique handmade jewelry pieces

Our collection of crystals and copper-plated jewelry will provide the perfect piece for you to feel confident, strong, and beautiful in your own skin.

Copper Bug Jewelry is for you if you feel like you are missing a little bit of your sparkle or just want a reason to shine a little bit brighter.

We wish to help you sparkle and shine with this heartwork forged from geology, chemistry, and love.

Treat yourself to something as special as you are today.

Always a super easy process with fast shipping, and I’m always happy when it arrives :)
Lori H
Exceptional product and exceptional people behind the product and company.
David M
Seller was incredibly helpful. The jewelry looks beautiful!
Danielle H
Super fast shipping and exactly what I wanted! EXCELLENT SERVICE :)
Laina M
Received quickly, so beautiful!
Kristen S
Excellent service start to finish. Very pleased.
Angela M
great experience. everything was top notch and i am definitely going to shop here again.
William M
I've been repeatedly impressed!
Michele L
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