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The Healing Powers of the Moon

The Healing Powers of the Moon - Copper Bug Jewelry

The Moon is associated with the story of the Greek goddess Selene. She was quite beautiful, feminine, kind, romantic, and gentle. Many gods adored Selene, and Zeus was very in love with her. Her heart belonged to Endymion, and she didn't even notice Zeus' gestures. 

On the other hand, he was super jealous and has cursed Selene's lover to eternal dream. She was devastated and tried everything to regain Endymion back and finally managed to wake him up during the night with her true love's kiss. Every night she would come to visit him in her silver carriages, and the lovers would then drove into the night. 

The love these two shared was only able to survive during night times, and this is why Selene's light is associated with the night time and the Moon. Her love for Endymion was the light she wished to share with the others, and as we all know, love is the essence of life and birth.

Moon has a powerful healing energy. She is the night light that has a significant impact on the growth of all beings on Earth – she is controlling the power of the oceans, plants, and animals, and she has a substantial influence on our emotional body. 

Phases of the Moon - Copper Bug Jewelry

Moon profoundly affects our psychological being, and it represents the image of our subconscious mind. Our natal Moon carries all of our memories and links us to our present life and karmic experiences. Due to our connection with the Moon, there are massive shifts that are happening with our emotional body once New and Full Moon occurs – twice a month, every two weeks to be precise. 

The New Moon's energy is the energy of beginnings, and that time is potent for wishing, dreaming, and manifesting miracles in our lives. On the other hand, the Full Moon is responsible for letting go of everything that makes us feel bad or depressed. This time of the month is potent for self-reflection and taking a break, while the New Moon's energy is time to plan actions or welcome some new experiences that are coming our way.

Moon is linked to our intuition, inspiration, talents, empathy, and feminine and nurturing side. She is a firm representative of the female essence, and she can protect and help all the people she surrounds. Moon has a powerful energy that could heal our wounds from emotional traumas from our early childhood or previous relationships. 

Connecting with the Moon's energy can help you embrace your intuition and emotions, no matter how bad or good they may be. Aligning yourself with the Moon's energy will help you balance your emotional body and save your mental health. Embracing this heart-warming, loving, and nurturing energy will also help you create better relationships with everyone around you.


How do you connect with the energy of the Moon?

Once every Full Moon, you can make yourself a ritual bath, play some peaceful and kind music, meditate, paint, dance, and write about all of the painful experiences you wish to let go of. New Moon energy is a time for visualization and meditation with crystals, oils, and scents. Using the power of the crystals can help you get grounded and connected with your energy field. 

Ritual Flower Bath - Copper Bug Jewelry

You can also use them during the full Moon's energy if you want them to help you soothe the pain and let go of a particular emotion that creates blockages in both your physical and mental body.

Although many people choose crystals just by reading the description on their benefits, I highly believe that the perfect love gem for you is the one you select intuitively – go to the nearest store or see pictures online and listen to what your heart is telling you. The one you pick with your marrow chakra that is ruled by the Moon is the one you need, and sometimes that can be the crystal for letting go of anger or sadness, gaining trust, attracting love, abundance, or just raising positive thoughts.

Crystals associated with the moon include Moonstone, Selenite, Labradorite, and Opal. Available Copper Bug Jewelry pieces and stones made from these crystals can be found here.

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