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Crystals and energy work could make it easier for you to accept and manifest money, love, and abundance in your daily life. Generally speaking, any crystal can help bring abundance into your life – the key is discovering which one is right for you. You can choose a crystal for abundance according to your Zodiac sign or by following your intuition.

As different crystals have different energies, not everyone will respond the same way when it comes to their use. Therefore, when picking the best crystals for inviting abundance, opt for something that speaks directly to your heart instead of just choosing a popular crystal. Don't put too much focus on the descriptions; just trust your intuition. Once done, here are some steps to access the energy of your gem:

  • Calm: Take a moment or two, and have a few deep breaths. This will help you clear up your mind and keep your focus on breathing.

  • Visualization: Imagine an indigo energy ball in front of your third chakra and focus on it for a few minutes. Think about what your life will look like in the next year – what you will work on and how your job will look. Visualize what you want to change or improve in your everyday life. Imagine having so much money – how will you spend it and on what? How will your relationships look? Have a few minutes to yourself to experience all the emotions you're feeling, just by being present in that clear image you already have in your mind. Imagine being happy.

  • Action: Once you choose the right crystal, place it on your heart chakra while doing the visualization above. Make a wish and say a unique prayer that will help you manifest your image into your everyday reality as soon as possible!


Abundance is not just associated with cash but with a consistent feeling of happiness and joy. Here is the list of the most popular money crystals that can help you attract abundance into your everyday life.


Example of a Rose Quartz Sphere Among Gray Rive Stones - Crystals for Abundance

Rose Quartz

(Taurus, Libra)

The most famous love stone of all is definitely Rose Quartz – effective in both self-love rituals and in sharing love with all around you. Wearing and working with this popular crystal as jewelry helps you better express and receive love from the people around you, and be seen and valued for who you are.

Rose Quartz is the perfect gemstone to tap into your feminine and nurturing side, helping you understand how to show yourself and others love and kindness.

This stone strengthens emotional healing and helps with self-discovery. Rose Quartz aids in filling the emotional voids while relieving feelings of loneliness and sadness. It helps provide strength, emotional balance, and a sense of joy in life.

Rose Quartz is believed to bring in wealth and prosperity. It helps you manifest your desires, and encourages you to take action towards achieving them. It helps energize the heart chakra, bringing in and sending out more positive energy.

When choosing Rose Quartz for monetary abundance, make sure to choose one that resonates with you. To achieve the best results, select a stone with a vibrant color that you're drawn to.



Heat Treated Citrine Cluster Example on a White Background



(Aries ♈, Leo ♌, Sagittarius ♐)


Citrine brings creativity and warmth to his owner and fills him with good energy and positive vibes. Citrine's energy clears the mind and allows you to take positive actions, reinforce your creativity, and award you with good humor and a positive outlook on life.

Citrine is a powerful gemstone for manifesting abundance and wealth. This can draw money, success, and prosperity into your life. It encourages you to take action in order to reach your goals and ambitions. It is thought that by wearing or working with citrine can increase both self-confidence and enthusiasm, two key qualities for succeeding in any endeavor.

Citrine can be used to increase self-esteem and remove negative energy from your life. Thanks to its ability to evoke optimistic and positive emotions, this gemstone can bring a different outlook to its owner. It is said that this can help you to gain new business opportunities, financial stability, and a greater level of income.

Citrine is believed to have the power to bring luck and fortune. Practicing visualization while using citrine can help you realize your aspirations and ambitions, as well as provide clarity in situations that seem perplexing or overwhelming.

When choosing a citrine crystal, go for the stone that speaks to you. Citrine stones can range from rare, high-grade stones to man-altered, low-grade stones. The grade of the piece isn't as important as how it connects with you - if you feel good about it, it will bring lots of great things to you.



(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Selenite is also known as the stone of the Angels since it helps in better understanding and receiving the messages from our Spirit Guides and Angel Helpers. This gemstone is mindfulness and excellent in meditation or any other spiritual activity – his high vibrations stone for mental clarity and spiritual growth.

Selenite can convert anxiety or any negative vibes into light and positive energy. This stone encourages positive energy flow, and it helps to build emotional equilibrium within. This stone is excellent for deep cellular healing, and it has the power to block all negative energy around us. This can also help us make informed business or financial decisions.

To take full advantage of the abundance and wealth that the powerful crystal Selenite offers, it is crucial to keep the stone close by at all times. Keeping the crystal by your side will enable it to continuously bring abundance and wealth into your life.

When selecting a Selenite crystal, it is important to look for one that has a strong and clear vibration. The clearer the vibration, the more powerful its effects will be. It is also important to select a crystal that is free of any blemishes or cracks.

When using Selenite for abundance and wealth, it is important to keep the crystal in a place of honor. This could be on your desk or altar, or even in your pocket. You can also use Selenite to create a crystal grid around your home or office to bring in more positive energy and abundance.



(Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Gemini)

Jade is a symbol of purity and clarity, and there is also a belief that it attracts friendships and good luck. It can quickly connect the mind with the body and allow energy to run smoothly through all chakras. It can make you feel more optimistic about life, and to feel gratitude and love. Green jade can help you get in touch with your inner wisdom and into a place where you can understand instead of judging others and, therefore, yourself.

Green jade crystal is said to bring luck and prosperity into many facets of your life, as it can open you up to fulfillment and abundance. By developing a new perspective, jade can help you access creativity and foster growth.

People believe that having jade brings wealth and abundance and is a symbol of luck and good fortune. It can help you manifest your desires and attract money into your life. Jade is also known to be a powerful stone for protection against negative energies, which can prevent you from achieving financial success. Jade is an excellent crystal for those who are looking to increase their wealth and abundance.

When picking a jade crystal specifically for promoting abundance and wealth, make sure it resonates with your personal energy. Opt for a jade stone with a dark green hue, which suggests positive energies. It should also be smooth and polished, as this will help to amplify its healing properties.


As a jewelry maker, it's a blessing to be surrounded by so many stones. Copper Bug Jewelry has been a source of personal growth for me as I've worked with and interacted with stones over the years. If the power of crystals are part of your journey, I am certain they can positively transform your life. I think it’s wonderful! All in all, I believe that crystals and money stones can be a powerful tool for manifesting abundance and wealth.

When selecting crystals for abundance and wealth, it is important to consider the type of stone, its color, and its energy. Each crystal has unique properties that can help you attract money and success into your life.

Jewelry and other pieces made with crystals that attract abundance outlined above can be found in this collection.


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