Choosing Crystals for Abundance: Attract Joy into Your Life

Choosing Crystals for Abundance - Copper Bug Jewelry

Whether you want to attract more money, love, or want to learn how to create abundance in your everyday life, crystals and radiant energy could help you receive and accept positive vibrations coming your way. In general, any crystal will help bring abundance into your life – the key is to find the one suitable for you. You can pick a crystal for abundance based on your Zodiac sign, or by picking one intuitively.

Not all the people react the same when it comes to crystals, due to their different energies, so when choosing the right crystals for attracting abundance, try picking one straight from your heart. Read descriptions, but pick intuitively. Once you do that, here are some basic steps to connect with the energy of your gem:

  • Calm: Take a moment or two, and have a few deep breaths. This will help you clear up your mind and keep your focus on breathing.

  • Visualization: Imagine an indigo energy ball in front of your third chakra and focus on it for a few minutes. Think about what your life will look like in the next year – what you will work on and how your job will look. Visualize what you want to change or improve in your everyday life. Imagine having so much money – how will you spend it and on what? How will your relationships look? Have a few minutes to yourself to experience all the emotions you're feeling, just by being present in that clear image you already have in your mind. Imagine being happy.

  • Action: Once you choose the right crystal, place it on your heart chakra while doing visualization above. Make a wish and say a unique prayer that will help you manifest your image into your everyday reality as soon as possible!


Abundance is not just associated with cash but with a consistent feeling of happiness and joy. Here is the list of the most popular crystals that can help you attract abundance into your everyday life.


Example of a Rose Quartz Sphere Among Gray Rive Stones - Crystals for Abundance

Rose Quartz

(Taurus ♉, Libra ♎)

The most famous love stone of all is definitely Rose Quartz – effective in both self-love rituals and in sharing love with all around you. It helps you better give and receive love from your surroundings, and wearing it like a piece of jewelry enables you to be more noticed and appreciated.

Rose Quartz is an excellent gemstone to help you get in touch with your feminine and nurturing nature, and it gives you awareness of things you need to do to feel love towards yourself and to share it with the world around you kindly.

This stone is a healer of emotional trauma and is very good in the self-awareness process. Rose Quartz helps to fill the emotional holes and releasing the feelings of loneliness and sadness. It gives strength, brings out emotional balance, and activates joy for life. 



Heat Treated Citrine Cluster Example on a White Background





(Aries ♈Leo ♌Sagittarius ♐)

Citrine brings creativity and warmth to his owner and fills him with good energy and positive vibes. Citrine's energy clears the mind and allows you to take positive actions, reinforce your creativity, and award you with good humor and a positive outlook on life.

Citrine helps in building self-confidence and reducing all negativity from your everyday life. This gemstone brings optimism and perspective, since its ability to raise positive vibes in his owner. He is known to be attracting new business opportunities, material well-being, and money flow.




(Cancer ♋Scorpio ♏Pisces ♓)

Selenite is also known as the stone of the Angels since it helps in better understanding and receiving the messages from our Spirit Guides and Angel Helpers. This gemstone is mindfulness and excellent in meditation or any other spiritual activity – his high vibrations stone for mental clarity and spiritual growth.

Selenite can transform anxiety or any negative thought or vibe into pure light and positive energy. This stone is excellent for energy flow, and it helps to create inner emotional balance. This stone is excellent for deep cellular healing, and it has the power to block all negative energy around us.




(Virgo ♍Capricorn ♑Aquarius ♒, and Gemini ♊)

Jade is a symbol of purity and clarity, and there is also a belief that it attracts friendships and good luck. It can quickly connect the mind with the body and allow energy to run smoothly through all chakras. It can make you feel more optimistic about life, and to feel gratitude and love. Jade can help you get in touch with your inner wisdom and into the place where you can understand, instead of judging others, and, therefore, yourself.

Jade crystal is thought to bring good fortune into several areas of your life – it can make you more open to prosperity and abundance. Through awakening a new outlook, jade opens your mind to envision fresh possibilities for growth.


As a jewelry maker, I am blessed to spend my time around so many stones. Working with and touching stones throughout the lifetime of Copper Bug Jewelry has helped me grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. If crystals are on the path for you, I know that they can change your life, too, and I believe it is a beautiful thing.

Jewelry and other pieces made with crystals that attract abundance outlined above can be found in this collection.


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Cali Gaydorus

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