Grounding Stones

Grounding Stones

Grounding is the feeling yourself in your body right now. To be grounded means not being lost in thoughts or feelings and being aware of the physical space in which you are. If you feel easily overwhelmed by negative energy, lost in thought, or "too in your head," using a grounding healing crystal can help bring you back to where you are on Earth.

How do you use crystals or stones to ground yourself? First, find a calm and quiet area free of distraction. Take a deep breath, hold your chosen grounding stone, and feel the texture of the stone in your hands with intention. Feel the sensation of your feet on the ground. Take a look around and name objects you see, sounds you hear, sensations you feel, and aromas you smell until you feel your body and mind settle down.

Grounding stones coincide with the lower chakras of the body and are often dark or red in color.

 Learn more about stones for the chakras here.

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