All Seeing Power Eye Earrings

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These All-Seeing Power Eye Earrings are perfect for those with vast knowledge who want to stand out in style. The silver-toned power eye earrings feature true eyes of power and will have you hypnotized by their magnetic allure.

Discover the mysterious powers of these silver-toned All-Seeing Power Eye Earrings! Show off your vast knowledge and let their hypnotizing magnetic allure draw people in. They'll have everyone under your spell, and no one will be able to resist their far-reaching gaze!


All Seeing Power Eye Earrings

These dangly earrings are made of stainless steel.

Please note - some people are allergic to metals. Copper is predominately hypoallergenic but a majority if the earrings from Copper Bug Jewelry are not created with copper. The known hypoallergenic status of these earrings are below:

I couldn’t be more pleased with the product and the customer service! It’s nice to know there are such amazing humans who care selling things intentionally.
Jenny H
Very positive 😊 and very quick check out too! Also have wonderful items to choose from.
Christine A
I love your shop! This necklace is so beautiful I’ve been wearing it every day. I look forward to purchasing more from you :)
Jaska W
I cannot say enough about your shop!! I love every item that I received and it was packed with so much care. Thank you so much!!
Chelsi R
My experience with Copper Bug Jewelry has been nothing but positive!
I saw a piece I had to have on Instagram and was able to order it. I received it quickly and it is beautiful and magical!
I will definitely recommend and order again!
Katherine R
Amazing experience. Super fast shipping. This is the most Amazing piece of jewelry I've ever owed. I'm absolutely in love
Paula C