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Black Tourmaline Collection

Welcome to Copper Bug's collection of black tourmaline products, featuring high-quality black tourmaline crystals and beautiful jewelry designs. Black tourmaline is a powerful crystal known for its ability to protect against negative energy and promote grounding and stability.

Our black tourmaline collection features a range of products, including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, crystal carvings, and tumbles. Each piece is carefully crafted using only the highest quality materials, including natural black tourmaline crystals, to create unique and stunning designs.

Black tourmaline is believed to have many metaphysical properties, including the ability to protect against negative energy, promote grounding and stability, and aid in spiritual growth. It is also said to promote physical healing and relieve anxiety and stress.

When combined with other stones like moonstone or quartz, black tourmaline can provide even greater benefits. Moonstone is associated with feminine energy and emotional healing, making it a popular choice for those seeking to enhance their creativity and intuition. Quartz is believed to amplify energy and intention, making it a powerful tool for meditation and energy work. When combined with black tourmaline, these stones create a powerful synergy that can provide even greater benefits to the wearer.

We invite you to explore our black tourmaline collection and discover the beauty and power of this incredible crystal. For more information on the metaphysical properties of black tourmaline, please read our blog post and get the guide to black tourmaline's protective and grounding properties.

Thank you for visiting Copper Bug's black tourmaline collection. We hope that our products bring you joy, inspiration, and protection on your spiritual journey.


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Tumbled Black Tourmaline Stones - Intuitively Chosen Healing Stones Copper Bug Jewelry
Chrysoprase Leaf and Black Tourmaline Electroformed Copper Necklace Crystal Necklace Copper Bug Jewelry
1 in stock
Octopus Spirit - Rainbow Moonstone and Black Tourmaline Electroformed Copper Necklace Crystal Necklace Copper Bug Jewelry
1 in stock
My order was shipped very quickly and showed up days before it’s estimated time of arrival. The products and the purchase process were both great. I’m sure I will be a return customer soon.
Danielle V
Item was as described/pictured. Very positive experience. Super fast shipping and packaged safely. I will shop again ❤️
Elizabeth D
Everything arrived quickly, as described, and the seller even tossed in an extra stone for free! Love it and if this seller has anything else I like for sale, I will be sure to buy it.
Maren M