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Labradorite: The Stone of the Northern Lights

Labradorite: The Stone of the Northern Lights - Copper Bug Jewelry

Known to be a very intuitive stone, Labradorite is famous for the range of colors it emits and is widely used in jewelry and carved lapidary items. Because of its association with one's psychic gifts, Labradorite is known as the Stone of Transformation because it encourages so much change in the user's life much like it's colors transform in the light from dark to bright.

I have spent much time over the years developing my signature collection of one-of-a-kind Labradorite pieces and present them to all lovers of gems and minerals. It is one of my very favorite stones. 🥰

Copper Bug's stone jewelry pieces are created with a copper-plated foundation, which serves to bring out the labradorescence, or colored flashes, of these gemstones. Storing the stones in oils before they are polished and sold to be made into jewelry or home decor prevents them from drying out and cracking easily.

 Golden Labradorite Paired with Amethyst in the Foliage

This fascinating class of flashy Feldspars derives its name from the peninsula of Labrador, where it was officially discovered in 1770 and named after the area. The first Labradorites were found primarily on the eastern border of Canada. Flashes of blues and yellows against a base color of grey characterize this Canadian region's highly coveted Labradorite stones.

Feldspars coat the earth, and their abundance is a reason they are a little slower to catch on with the gem-loving populace, but the population is beginning to recognize their Feldspar glory more and more. Other flashing Feldspars include Sunstone, Moonstone, Larvikite, and Nuummite.

Gorgeous Flashy Labradorite Standing Freeform

The myths and legends that surround this gemstone are genuinely fascinating. An Inuit tale says that the Northern Lights fell from the sky into these stones. A great warrior attempted to free the lights from the stone with his spear, but he was unable to succeed fully. Because of this, Labradorite still displays its shine. Labradorite is a gemstone thought to bring out the true power of the mind and helps the wearer to go way beyond his or her limitations in any task. It also helps the wearer share their strengths with the people around them by helping them relate better to others.

Labradorite is a sister to Moonstone, and it is thus said to grant the wearer inner sight and knowledge that are the mystery that is the psyche. Labradorite is thought to protect the aura of the wearer and align the self with the universe. This alignment allows him or her to achieve their destiny.

Although connected to all of the chakras, Labradorite is most strongly associated with the third eye chakra, found on the brow. The gem is said to lessen negative energy when used in conjunction with prayer or meditation. Labradorite is also said to help the meditator view into the future, past, and domains of the timeless.

 Beautiful Girl Showing Off Handmade Flashy Labradorite and Moonstone Pendant

Apart from Canada, rockhounds find Labradorite in China, India, Russia, Mexico, Australia, Madagascar, the United States of America, and Scandinavia. Scandinavia's rare variety is called Spectrolite because it shows the full spectrum of color in its flashing fire.

Labradorite jewelry is supposed to bring magic to the wearer. Labradorite pendants are said to give their wearers awareness of multiple layers of reality. Labradorite rings are said to enhance the sending and receiving of magic to and from the wearer. And Labradorite earrings are said to help you hear messages from your guides that they would otherwise miss.

If you own a piece of Labradorite, be gentle with it. To clean, do not use salt or ultrasonic cleaners or jewelry dips as these can damage the stone. Instead, wipe the face with a smooth damp cloth to let its color shine.

 Flashy Orange and Purple Labradorite Palmstone

If you would like to read more about Labradorite and other stones, you can find The Book of Stones, Revised Edition: Who They Are and What They Teach and Crystal Lore, Legends & Myths: The Fascinating History of the World's Most Powerful Gems and Stones in these Amazon links. If you choose to purchase either one of these books from the given links, I may earn commission as an Amazon Associate.

I use these books frequently, and I highly recommend both, but the Book of Stones especially. It is packed with invaluable gem and mineral knowledge, and I have learned so much from it in its time with me!

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5 Crystals To Unleash Your Inner Power This Aquarius Season

5 Crystals To Unleash Your Inner Power This Aquarius Season


Aquarius season typically starts on January 20th and wraps up around February 18th. Aquarius season may motivate you to look for alternative approaches to how things are done.

You might be tempted to go beyond usual, easy, or comfortable. Aquarius season is the perfect time to start disregarding the opinions and judgments of people nearby, like your colleagues or IG followers.

Aquarian energy is often associated with warmth, kindness, open-mindedness, and humanitarianism, while some moments may be more chaotic, unpredictable, and distant.

This post is ideal for anyone who wants to make a good impression during the season of Aquarius. Get the five best crystals to unleash your inner power this season below.

Amethyst: To Give You Some Inner Peace

This beautiful gemstone is not only an Aquarius' birthstone but it's also known to bring strength and inner peace. Wearing this close to your heart will make you feel more comfortable looking toward the future.

As a result of its ruling planet Uranus, Aquarius season may bring with it nervous energies. During this time, these influences may cause you to be overly hasty or inflexible, especially when making decisions about the future. 

Amethyst is a high-frequency crystal that boosts memory formation. As a Crystal of Peace and Transformation, it can also assist with inner reflection, making it helpful for meditation. By tuning into the frequency of amethyst, you'll be able to examine your reactions and behaviors to become more open and relaxed.

Apatite: To Embrace Your Compassion

Apatite is best known for inspiring action! During the Aquarius season, it's common to fixate on higher-level visions and broad plans. If Aquarian energies push you to dream more of the ideal future than give you the energy to take action to achieve it, wearing Apatite can bring you back to the present and remind you of the most productive steps to take next. Apatite can give you an extra boost of motivation to follow through with your creative concepts and original ideas.

The ocean-blue stone also encourages your charitable side. The Apatite can help you maintain a positive outlook when contemplating a change or viewing the situation from another angle, for example. The stone is used for a noble cause.

Hematite: To Promote Positive Energy Flow

Hematite is an excellent crystal for helping to keep air and water balanced and stabilized during the Aquarius season. Hematite can help reduce the damaging effects of stress, anxiety, and worry by restoring your mind, body and spirit to a state of calmness, clarity, and focus. Hematite is believed to be a powerful stone for purifying your body, helping you leave the past behind and enter the future. Out with the old, in with the new!

Hematite helps energize the mind and encourages balance with nature. It also helps maintain a positive attitude during difficult times and keeps you attentive and motivated to reach your goals.

Moonstone: To Spark New Beginnings

With its links to the lunar cycle and feminine energy, moonstone can teach you to accept the ebb and flow of life's rhythms.

During the Aquarius season, be mindful of Uranus's tendency to shape the world in its rigid image, which can sometimes lead to conflict. Moonstone helps to stabilize emotions during this time, thus demonstrating how we must accept the same phases that the moon goes through, just like in life.

Gaining new confidence, you will be able to act naturally. You will be more compassionate as your emotions become stabilized.

Clear Quartz: For Everything Else

Nicknamed the Master Healer, this strong crystal balances energy by regulating the Chakras. This helps to ease any worries about change while increasing self-confidence.

By using this stone during the Aquarius season, you'll discover more ways to help others and reach your full humanitarian potential.Clear quartz is also a powerful stone for abundance, amplifying your desire to benefit humanity.

This will offer you new possibilities and propel you to a better future. It also boosts energy levels, delivering mental clarity and focus.

Taking advantage of these five stones during this season of the water bearer will help you grow into a more well-rounded person, ready to take on new challenges and help others in need. You go, starshine!

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6 Best Crystals for Intention Setting this Capricorn Season

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